Journey to the island

Even the journey to the island can be a great experience.

Besides the transfer area, which is usually Kuala Lumpur, you can also see the beauty of Padang, a town where you land and we meet. Then we take a boat trip to the island of Siberut where we recommend trying the local food.

1. How to get to Padang

The air destination is the town of Padang. Wherever you start, the transfer area is usually Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. If you are from the Czech Republic, we can completely arrange the air tickets.

  • Your home
  • Kuala Lumpur / Singapore
  • Padang


2. Arrival in Padang on Sumatra

After landing in Padang, a car will wait for you and take you to the hotel. From this time, we will look after you. Padang is a rapidly developing town with rising living standards. The town boasts of original indigenous marketplaces and horse carriages as well as modern architecture or shopping centres. The population is largely Muslim. When visiting traditional areas, the women are recommended to wear long trousers and cover their shoulders. The surrounding area is mountainous, covered with virgin rainforest, which offers exciting trips to the volcanoes and blue lakes.

Padang on Sumatra

3. Accommodation near the port

The boat between Siberut and Padang operates only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For this reason, try to plan your arrival in Padang at least one day before in order to catch the boat on the following day. The speed boat with the capacity of about 300 persons departs at 7 o'clock in the morning. The ticket costs about 21 $. There is an air-conditioned cabin and film projection. Drinking water is included in price, refreshment is paid. We recommend a warm sweatshirt. The journey through the Mentawai Straight to Siberut takes about 4 hours.

Accommodation in New House Padang
costs about 20 $ per night

4. Muara Siberut port

After arriving in the village of Muara Siberut, you can have lunch in one of the typical local restaurants. The food is only Indonesian – fried rice with egg or chicken, fried fish and beef rendang. After loading the baggage in a boat with the capacity of 8 to 10 persons, we will start for our destination, the island of Pulau Masokut. The journey takes about 1 to 2 hours. If the sea is calm, the journey is shorter and goes over the sea, but if it is rough, we travel down a hidden river through Siberut, which offers an extraordinary experience with a stunning view of the virgin rainforests and Siberut mangroves.

Muara Siberut port

5. Destination - the island Pulau Masokut

Welcome to Pulau Masokut! The island is of coral origin, sandy, mostly covered with coconut palm trees. A coconut drink directly from a fresh nut is our traditional welcome drink. The island is populated only by a few natives, mostly the resort employees. Otherwise, it is visited by the native fishermen and nomadic coconut collectors. There are large numbers of tropical birds such as kingfishers, bee-eaters, eagles or herons.

Frequently asked questions

Can I set out on my own?

Of course, everybody can travel on their own. However, accommodation can be a problem. It is very difficult to find if not booked. Language barrier is another problem. Not many people speak English on the islands. For fishermen, an expedition on their own is also problematic. Spots suitable for fishing are scattered far away from places such as Muara Siberut, which can still be reached by accessible transport. It is impossible to fish there without a motor boat, good knowledge and experience.

Why do we not recommend planning the journey without overnight lodging?

A journey from Europe, for example, is long and exhaustive. A journey without breaks using connecting flights can exhaust the organism and jet-lag can also play a role. As a result, you spend one day less on the way but then you spend three days recovering on the island from this exhaustion instead of fully enjoying the stay and physically demanding fishing.

Is it possible to have the tickets arranged?

Yes, we can arrange for a fee. If you are from the Czech Republic, maybe we will fly together.