GT fishing

Experience extreme boat or Hobie kayak fishing at high sea.

Every day, you will have a chance to improve your fishing skills and catch the greatest trophies on the beautiful island, guided by expert professionals.

Fishing and equipment

We sell and rent all equipment for GT fishing. You can rent it when booking the journey to the island.

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Topwater fishing

A drail technique where we drag the baits on the surface or just under the surface. We imitate the fleeing fish.


A technique for more experienced fishermen performed from a boat, kayak or wading at the bank in shallow areas around the reef in the so-called flats.


A successful "relaxing" technique where we roam the fishing areas in a motor boat with two drail baits about 50 meters behind the boat.

Fishes on the island

The island offers a rich fauna to watch – a large number of tropical birds, snakes and other animals, but the undersea world also offers a rich variety of fish not only for our fishing.

Giant Trevally

One of the most valuable fishing trophies in the world. A very attractive, fighting and tireless fish characterised by aggressive attacks against the bait.

up to 150 cm

King mackerel

A very tasty fish, not much fighting. The fight does not take longer than a few minutes. It is usually caught using the Trolling technique.

up to 200 cm

Bluefin Trevally

The most beautiful fish from the amberjack family. Smaller than the GT, usually up to 5 kg. Very plentiful around the reefs in shallow water. Usually caught using the drail technique or fly-fishing.

up to 80 cm


A widespread predator in the reef areas, a frequent catch in all fishing techniques. Our largest barracuda was caught on a popper from the beach, right in front of the bungalow.

up to 250 cm

Dogtooth Tuna

In this area, it is abundant in rather smaller sizes, but there are catches of around 100 kg. An exceptionally fighting fish and a valuable fishing trophy.

up to 250 cm

The use of Hobie kayak

The Hobie kayaks are the world number one leaders in the fishing kayaks.

1 2 3
1 Pedal drive

The unique patented MirageDrive provides rapid and silent movement of the kayak using the pedals. The fish are not afraid of the kayak and can be approached to a very close distance. The fisherman's hands are both free, which improves efficiency.

2 Stability and storage space

The Hobie kayaks are characterised by stability and comfort even at high sea. Their smartly designed storage space facilitates work with the fish. All-day sitting in a Hobie kayak is no suffering.

3 Equipment

Adjustable seat, bottle holders, rod holder and Lowrance fishfinder holder – these are just some of the Hobie kayak accessories. Our kayaks are fully equipped to ensure your greatest possible comfort.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be professional for GT fishing?

No, you don't. You need a certain basic skill in casting the line, but we can teach you in the spot. You need to be fit. Fighting the GT is demanding and long hours casting the heavy lures is not easy.

Can I bring my own equipment?

We recommend that you bring your own trusty equipment and gear. We will gladly consult the composition of the equipment and the lures, make recommendations and give advice. It is always better to use your own favourite trusty equipment than borrowed things. The quality and power of the equipment should not be underestimated.

Will you take my purchased equipment to the island?


Can I rent the equipment?

You can rent the equipment in the BASIC or EXCLUSIVE sets. BASIC includes 1x Daiwa BG rod and 1x DAIWA BG spinning reel with a DAIWA 80Lb braided line. The rental price is described in the price list. We do not rent the lures. The EXCLUSIVE set includes 1x MATAGI rod and 1x DAIWA SALTIGA spinning reel with a DAIWA 80Lb braided line. The rental price is described in the price list. We do not rent fly-fishing rods with spinning reels. The fly fishermen normally bring their own. The equipment will be waiting for you on the island.

Is it possible to do something other than fishing?

Yes, many activities. Exercise (yoga, pilates, TRX), we can rent paddleboards, table tennis or snorkeling equipment. Trips to the surrounding islands. A paid trip to the night Siberut rainforest with exploration of the rainforest night life can be arranged after an agreement. A expert guide :-).