Fishing on the Mentawai islands

Kayak fishing, surfing in crystal clear water, whale watching or a night rainforest trip. Take an unforgettable trip with us to the Indonesian waters, namely the Mentawai Islands. You will discover one of the world's best GT fishing locations and have many other adventures, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

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GT kayak fishing

Improve your fishing skills in one of the world's best fishing locations.

Our team of professionals will improve your fishing skills and make sure that you will never forget this trip because the fishing opportunities on the Mentawai Islands can only be found in a few places in the world.

GT Fishing

Giant Trevally 100 cm
Roman Kuřil | 2019

Bluefin Trevally 70 cm
Roman Kuřil | 2019

King mackerel 70 cm
Alena Slovakova | 2019

King mackerel 80 cm
Roman Kuřil | 2018

Even the journey can be an experience

Enjoy the diversity of West Sumatra on the way to the destination.

You can try the diverse local food in the transfer area, which is usually Kuala Lumpur, and the beauty of Padang, a town where you will land and we meet. After that, we will travel by boat to the island of Siberut.

Journey to the island

Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

Accommodation on the island

You will be accommodated in comfortable family bungalows or in a communal villa with a shared bathroom. Everything is in the traditional style of the Mentawai architecture. Each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, large comfortable beds with a mosquito net and a separate bathroom. The resort offers a lovely view of the sea and the outdoor terrace is furnished with hammocks. The accommodation facilities are regularly cleaned and the food consists of europe and asia specialities.

Accommodation on the island


Sea view

Exotic food


Visit the original indigenous tribe living on the island of Siberut in the traditional way of life.

Take a few days' trip with us down the river into the heart of the Siberut rainforest and visit the original population living in harmony with the nature. The Mentawai tribesmen will boast of the game hunting, traditional songs and sago (powder from a palm trunk core) processing.


The Mentawai area is one of the world's most popular surfing locations.

We cooperate with a team of licensed surfing instructors Hidden Bay Resort Mentawais who will teach you to understand the waves and the ocean, but also improve your surfing skills, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced surfer.

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During your stay, you can try many other activities where everyone will be satisfied.

Besides fishing, surfing and trips, you can enjoy other activities. Those who are not very keen on beach relaxing can join yoga or TRX exercises. Greater adventurers will appreciate snorkelling lessons or a night trip to exotic snakes in the rainforest.

Snake exploration

Experience a night rainforest with a professional guide and a snake expert.


Explore the local coral reefs.

Yoga and TRX exercises.

Take a yoga or TRX exercise with our trainer


Relax on the beach where you will definitely be alone

Kayak and paddleboard trips.

Take a short trip around the island

Why go to Mentawai?

If you have a sense of adventure, this is the right place for you. You will find yourself in a charming place with opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere.

One of the best holidays in my life

GT fishing is an unforgettable experience with a great guide and a man like Tomáš Bublík. Beautiful nature, coral reef diving, legendary surf spots. I would go again immediately.

Roman Kuřil

We took several night expeditions with Tomáš

I went to meet Tomáš as an expert in the local rainforest and the snake species that live there. Together, we took several unforgettable night trips and successfully documented several species including those that have not been scientifically described. A fresh fish on the table was a bonus appreciated even by a non-fisherman like me :-)

Gernot Vogel

It is a unique experience, which is addictive

I have visited the Mentawai Islands with Maonu four times. The virgin rainforest and large mangroves are a true paradise for me, a zoologist and fisherman. The equipment, boats and knowledge available to Tomáš and his Maonu company brought me to places where not many people had been before me. Whether in the rainforest or at sea, it is a unique, addictive experience. I am looking forward to the next expedition :-).

Daniel Valenta