Discover the Maonu fishing team

We are a team of people who organize tours full of fishing, surfing, trips to the rainforests and other exotic adventures, all in the virgin landscape of the Mentawai archipelago and Panama.

About Maonu Team Partners

"If you are a person not keen on holidays at a hotel pool with a drink, join us and experience something extraordinary!”

Tomáš Bublík

Maonu Fishing founder, experienced fisherman, herpetologist, photographer and traveller.

He has been fully engaged in fishing since the first class of primary school. For more than fifteen years, he went fly-fishing in trout and salmon rivers and during his stay in Australia, he started to go in for deep-sea fishing. For the past ten years, he has devoted himself to kayak deep-sea fishing. He first travelled to the Mentawai Islands six years ago in order to find and photograph the snakes and regularly returned there because of the existence of yet undescribed species. He has become a Hidden Bay Resort partner and established a fishing and kayaking base, which he exclusively operates with MAONU s.r.o.


They wrote about us

They know about us. We are intruders here. Some people go to the tropical countries to sit on the deckchair...


The fish and the other marine animals are not afraid of the kayaks. On the contrary – I have found out that they are mostly curious...


I knew I was going to catch green mamba, so I wore a kevlar glove...


The whole of Europe keeps poisonous snakes. It is a breeding hobby, said Tomáš Bublík in the Press Club


Alena Slováková

A passionate fisherwoman, kayaker, professional pole-dancer, owner of the Wonderland Studio. She speaks English and German and is an experienced fishing guide. She will accompany you as a guide on most expeditions.


Ladislav Horváth

A passionate fisherman and lure maker. He pays attention to the smallest detail and makes all the lures by hand. He draws from many years of experience and tests every produced lure in the water to make sure that it works perfectly.

Petr Stašek

Our guide for groups of fishermen from New Zealand and Australia. A keen fly fisher, photographer, traveller and experienced fishing guide from New Zealand.



A team of professional surfing trainers who look after our clients on Pulau Masokut.


A sole producer of fishing rods and special equipment for Maonu focused on special kayaks and big game rods. Everything is hand-made with the use of top quality components and materials.

A bait producer. Hand-made, hand-painted and decorated. Ten-year experience in the production of unique effective lures used in the sea as well as fresh water.


A place in Panama where the Maonu team goes trophy fishing.


One of the finest producers of special rod components.

The world's best fishing rod manufacturer with whom we cooperate on the Maonu rod production.